Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Success Map 1

First draft, what do you think?


  1. I love it! And I may be getting a bit carried away here, but I do love a good metaphor for how we're going to work together and interact. So.... can it be a little bit 'messier'? What I see here is a closed system, but (using the tube analogy) if you travel to the end of the line there's a whole world out there! The lines that go out into the further reaches of London take us to new and unexplored places. Perhaps some of the lines might extend beyond the interdisciplinary perimeter, to unknown destinations...? Maybe with dotted lines (like the lines that are still under construction on the tube).
    Also, could we have some stopping points that aren't interchanges? The stations along the way (which probably won't have names yet), are where people may get on and off, or just pause in their journey. I do realise we're using the diagram functionally to show what we want to do, and that it still needs to look hub-and-spoke-esque - but a just a little more dynamism would be good!

  2. I also love the map! Thank you Michael.
    I was wondering whether the node (station?!?) "stories of success" could be in the centre of the map as it seems to me that in our different disciplines and interests we are all keen to start from actual cases, their analogies and their differences. And maybe (but I may be carried away too now) the cases we already know we want to look at (sports, business, individuals and society, mental health, arts and fashion, music and performance, etc.) should be also lines intersecting the interdisciplinary perimeter at different points (this would be messy, I know!)
    For instance, we may think that they all need to "stop" at resilience, toughness and growth, but not all need to "stop" at striving for perfection... We may need a "competitiveness" stop/node too!

  3. I am with Zoe on this on making things a bit messier! We could insert "Planned engineering works" to make things look a bit more real, as they are in London on the weekends!

    And we should definitely insert Stockwell somewhere, that is Dan O'Conor's tube stop! (I know because I met him on the tube!!) Cheers