Friday, 24 April 2015

Success Map 2

Glad you like the idea. Thanks for the helpful comments.

Here's a slightly messier version. It's tricky to get the balance right between the need to come up with something which makes sense 'at a glance' and the aesthetic effect that we want (whic,h I agree, needs to mirror some of the sprawl and complexity of a real Tube map, because that is one of the nice entailments of the metaphor when transferred to our plans). I don't think it's quite there yet, but it's getting better. I'll try breaking up the neatness of the green perimeter I think, in the next version.

I'm afraid I can't do broken/dotted lines at the perimeter: I've made the diagram in Prezi, and the template doesn't give me that option. But the advantage of using Prezi is that further down the line we can embed content into the circular frames (the stations) and zoom in to these. So we can use the map to present the proposal, if we get the map to a state where we are happy with it.


  1. Thank you for this Michael! I agree it's developing nicely.

    Few minor suggestions.

    We could have one more node on the yellow line to refer to the dark side of success, other negative aspects over and beyond inequalities: "hubris", "arrogance", or "ignoring negative feedback" (Matteo can advise on the best concepts to highlight there).

    And we could have "creativity" on the red line (strengths and resources). I'm aware that "creativity" now appears on the perimeter, together with "wellbeing", but maybe that could become something like "mental health and wellbeing", "good functioning and wellbeing", or "goal satisfaction and wellbeing", to indicate that we want to look at how success intersects with different aspects of wellbeing.

    Finally, on the blue line, we do well to stress the importance of cultural differences, but we could also refer to other types of differences (gender, class, age, education) that impact on how people view success and failure.

    Not sure how to implement this graphically... and now I need to think about how the nodes are connected and whether we can give a better sense of our proposal by using the map!

  2. Thanks, Michael. It looks very good, though the image seems to be low resolution, and as a consequence I find it hard to read some of the nodes. Could we use a higher resolution image?

    Maybe the node on the top left corner could be renamed "the dark side of success: domination, inequalities, hierarchies". On the yellow line in its vicinity there could be another node saying "hubris, narcissism, arrogance" or something similar.